Link Building

The World Wide Web is a befitting name for the Internet. It is quite literally a web of networks that connects millions of computers in virtually every corner of the globe. That being said, it is easy to see how one can get lost in this vast intergalactic cyberspace. Search engines were developed to enable users to seamlessly sift through all the numerous sites on the web to extract the information they require. They basically analyze all the content available in order of priority and then provide links to content that corresponds to the query. Links are the means through which you can navigate the pages on the web. Armed with this knowledge, let’s delve into link building. Simply put, if you have a website and would like to direct (more) traffic to it, you could enter into an agreement with perhaps another more popular site. They would have to agree to feature the link to your website on their page. Now, if you are wondering why this is important, the answer is straightforward: If you want to play the search engine game, you have to play by its rules. When you do, it rewards you by ranking your website higher. Which inevitably means? Driving more traffic to your site! The more links you have from what are considered to be highly reputable sites, the higher your website ranks in search engine queries. You also have a responsibility to create great content. Otherwise, what would the point be of successfully directing traffic to your website, only for internet users to get there and exit within a few seconds? Let that sink in for a moment.

A Picture Of A Search Engine Query