Link Building In SEO

When people say the magic term SEO, they almost exclusively think about the content structure and keyword management, while in reality, SEO is much more than just that. Link building represents one of the crucial elements in a successful search engine optimisation campaign. In fact, it is what gives your website credibility in the eyes of the search engine.

What Exactly Is Link Building?

What is link building? It’s similar to the real-life human networking process. It’s about developing a network of websites that refer to your website as a source, signalling to the search engine that your website is a viable source, worthy of quotation and linking. There are two ways to do it, either with organic links or paid links.

Organic And Paid Link Building

It’s easier to get paid links. There are even companies that own a plethora of websites, whose sole purpose is to serve as a link building infrastructure. There is another, organic way of getting linked. It’s slower, but in the longer term, it’s a more durable and viable solution for your website’s ranking. You get organic links by creating quality content for your website and by developing a real network of partnerships.

No wonder that some people estimate 60% of the internet to be spam. Most of the paid links lead from and to spam websites, making some parts of the internet a wasteland void of quality information. However, thanks to the ever-developing algorithms of search engines, quality content and organic link building are becoming more and more prominent. The war against spam is everything but won, and every internet users’ dream might soon become a reality.

Content – The Key To SEO

In the same way that spam websites mostly link to other spam websites, trustworthy pages create links to other trustworthy pages. Some search engines try to further analyse that in their ranking systems. Pioneers like the Teoma search engine value the links from sites with similar topics, more than general sites links or unrelated topic websites. That encourages websites not just to emulate being a trustworthy website, but to create quality content, and become a source worthy of organic link building.

Link Building is an integral part of any SEO campaign