Blog Network For Link Building

A Blog Network is a group of closely connected blogs or a chain of blogs, that is run and owned by the same company or main website. These authoritative websites are essential in building links to the profit-making website for the sake of increasing its ranking in the search engines. The content of the Blog Network is designed to direct the client to the actual website.

How Does A Blog Network And Link Building Help SEO?

One of the most effective marketing tools for a website is through the use of blogs. The use of Private Blog Networks (PBNs) is a legitimate method of increasing traffic to a website. However, blog networking and link building have pros and cons that require consideration by the website designer before choosing them as the key SEO strategies.

What Is Private Blogging Network (PBN)?

This is a type of network created for authoritative websites, for the purpose of building links to the money-making website. The idea behind PBNs is to reach a top rank on the Google search engine. When the main money website is ranked highly, you can also refer to other client websites. However, it is not recommended to build a PBN after 2018, due to the many risks and costs involved.

A PBN is a shortcut to getting higher-quality backlinks in large quantities, without performing the monotonous and tedious tasks of link building. Typically, after creating content, you only need to conduct an outreach campaign to access more authoritative websites that are linked to the content created. However, a PBN is considered to be a black hat strategy for creating traffic, and it is usually against Google guidelines. You can avoid the risk by investing in various other forms of search engine optimisation.

How To Monitor PBNs?

As a website designer, you are required to evaluate and monitor the risks involved, and the effectiveness of PBNs before adding them to your network. There are various techniques that can be used to debug backlinks for better results. Since link building is becoming increasingly complex, you need to test any PBN using a test case. This testing involves identifying some third party sites that can be used as a test subject and then sending some links to establish the quality of the PBN.

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